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Hey Adventurers!
I’m turning 30 this year and not looking forward to it. You can read why on my original blog post about turning 30. In an effort to change the perception of turning 30 (mine included), I’m embarking on a year-long project to celebrate this milestone.
I’m looking for 30 different ways to do it.

How You Can Help Me Celebrate Turning 30

  1. Look over my list below.
  2. Send me an email using the form at the bottom of the page with what I’m missing. How would you celebrate turning 30?
  3. Check back to see if I’ve received your suggestion.

Turning 30 Suggestions

I’m compiling a running list below of how to celebrate turning 30. Some are simple while others are grandiose. All of them attempt to capture the many pleasures in life that turning 30 affords you.

  1. Go Skydiving - cliche, but on the adventure list [DONE 12/11]
  2. Have a Nice Dinner with Family – because I love them [DONE 12/11]
  3. Drink a Bottle of Expensive Wine – because I can afford it and I’m curious if it truly tastes better
  4. Go SCUBA Diving – it’s awesome
  5. Contact Old Friends on Facebook – it’s good to let people know they meant something to you.
  6. Take a Personal Day from Work – working is fine, but a free day of indulgence is better
  7. Have a Fancy Massage – we all deserved to be pampered
  8. Relax at the Beach – sun, surf, sand is the perfect escape
  9. Spend the Weekend at a Luxury Resort – I deserve it
  10. Read a Good Book – we don’t read enough
  11. Buy a Trendy Outfit – everyone needs to look good for one occasion
  12. Put a Snake Around my Neck – I’m afraid to do it
  13. Watch my Favorite Television Show All Day – forgetting about everything else
  14. Learn to Tie a Bow Tie – I’m an adventurer, but also classy
  15. Learn a Kick@ss Magic Trick – you should be able to pull one off at a party

Reader Submissions

The following list includes reader-submitted ideas under consideration for the master list (above).

  • Take a class and teach yourself – Jenny
  • Eat international cuisine at a local restaurant, have ice-cream, have friends over for a cocktail party – Gerri
  • Reach 30 with no regrets – Lana
  • Go to Medieval Times – Ali
  • Learn a new type of dance – Mica
  • Go somewhere alone - Adam
  • Go to the Island of Moorea – Caanan
  • Go Vegan for a Day/Week/Month! – Amanda
  • Practice a Random Act of Kindness – JenJenk
  • Take a gourmet cooking class – JenJenk
  • Create a Photo Slideshow Travel Presentation and present to area nursing homes – Donna
  • Have a wine & cheese tasting session during the day, and a wild party at night; the best of both worlds – Annie
  • Run a marathon – Yvette