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Is the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb Worth It?

 Is the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb Worth It?
Oprah on the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Yep, I’m as famous as Oprah now. Or so I was told when I stood in the same spot she did at the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

 Is the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb Worth It?

How Much is the Sydney Bridge Climb

Everyone who has every traveled to Sydney gave me suggestions on what to do, told me that I had to do the Sydney Bridge Climb. So like a good traveler, I did my researched and discovered that this iconic climb would cost, at a minimum $198 per person. After I changed into a clean pair of pants I began the very arduous process of deciding whether or not to invest over $400 for Brian and I to do the climb. Yes, Australia is f@#%!n’ expensive, but this is perhaps, the single-most expensive attraction price I’ve ever paid for (there is a budget option though). You really do need to be Oprah to afford it…

…so start saving your hard-earned cash, because BridgeClimb Sydney is worth every single penny, and more. Here are 6 reasons why:

1. Expert Tour Guides

 Is the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb Worth It?

I’ve given and participated on hundreds of tours, so I can be a bit of a critic when it comes to evaluating guides. But my climb leader Robyn surpassed all my expectations, and was perhaps, one of the best I’ve ever had. I was most impressed with her ability, after only hearing us introduce ourselves in our group of 9, to remember and use our names throughout the entire tour. Impressive.

Robyn was funny. My favorite joke,

“The Sydney Harbor Bridge was made with 6 million rivets. By comparison, the Eiffel Tower was made with 3 million, making the Sydney Harbor Bridge twice as riveting.”

Okay, not everything was as corny as that, but Robyn was fun. She was genuine, knowledgeable and let her personality shine. Your guide can make or break your experience. I’m sure all the climb leaders are just as great, but if you do go, be sure to ask for Robyn. She’s ultra cool.

2. A Unique Experience Unlike Anything Else

 Is the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb Worth It?
photo used with permission from BridgeClimb Sydney

You should climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge because there are few places around the world that offer an experience like that. I selected the 3.5 hour Discovery Tour, which pointed out how the bridge was built. The tour takes you on the inner arch and gives you a glimpse into the bridge’s construction. There is a 2 hour express climb and a 3.5 hour tour with no commentary. They all cost the same. If you’re going to choose one, invest the time and go with the Discovery Climb. You’ll still reach the summit like the other tours and you’ll have the added benefit of appreciating how the bridge was made.

 Is the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb Worth It?
photo used with permission from BridgeClimb Sydney

You can climb during the day, at night and at twilight. Each offers a different perspective of the Sydney Skyline (and at increased prices). We choose the 5 P.M. departure. While still considered a “Day Tour” our descent occurred at the same time the sun was setting, so we had a mini-twilight tour at the (cheaper) day tour price. You’re welcome for this money saving travel tip!

The top of the bridge is about 440 feet above the water. You could look straight down and see the cars on the bridge whizzing back and forth. And should you fall… you’ll hit the water in about 3-4 seconds. But have no worries, every climber is securely attached to the bridge. But when you’re climbing over some of the bridge’s precarious walkways and steps and learn that construction workers used no safety gear when they built it, you’ll immediately be in awe.

3. Impressive Customer Service

 Is the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb Worth It?

The entire staff at BridgeClimb Sydney were polite, friendly, professional, safe and fun. From the ticket sellers, photographers, climb leaders and assistants. When an entire operation delivers consistently great service, you know it’s not by accident. I was so impressed with my tour I e-mailed the Founder, Paul Cave. He personally replied the following day with. He was quick to explain that while appreciate of my comments, the true heroes are the Managing Director, Todd Coates and his entire Team since they are the ones that make the experience so great.  Impressive!

They get it. The staff and management know they are charging a premium price and so they deliver a premium product. It’s money well spent.

4. Attention to Detail

 Is the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb Worth It?

Every detail about the experience has been carefully thought of. Here’s a list of what impressed me:

  • Every climber is provided with an earpiece so you can hear the climb leader
  • Lockers are available for you to store your personal belongings – free of charge (you can’t bring any personal items except glasses with you on the climb)
  • The pre-climb orientation is an efficient, multi-step process that gets you geared up, harnessed in and briefed on safety. They even have a mock-ladder setup so you can be sure you can climb in certain parts of the bridge
  • Post climb, you quickly drop off your gear and are directed to a hand washing station. It’s the subtle details that make a difference.
  • Tripods outfitted on the bridge to ensure your photographer doesn’t take blurry shots (especially important at night).

5. You Get a Certificate

Okay, so it’s a piece of paper. But it’s a nice memento to add to your travel scrapbook. It joins my Great White Shark Diving Certificate and Honorary Newfoundlander Certificate.

6. Because You’re in Sydney

 Is the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb Worth It?

It would be a shame if you returned home from your epic trip to Australia and had to say “no” every time people asked if you climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge. You’ll quickly regret the decision, and by that time it will be too late.

I’ve shared before, but it’s worth sharing again, take advantage of every travel experience. It’s far better to delay your trip and save money to “do it right” when you arrive, then to barely scrape by and miss out on some amazing experiences like this one. That’s the whole point of traveling!

And if you’d like another perspective, be sure to check out The Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb | Is it Worth it? from pack your passport.

Connect Online

You can find BridgeClimb Sydney online here: | Web | Facebook | Twitter |

Now that you’ve read about my experience, I’d like to know from you. Would you ever climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge? If you have, what was your experience like? Share by commenting.

I’ll see you out there…!



How in shape do you need to be? I walk 4-5 miles a day a couple of times a week. Do you think that is enough?


That is more than enough. I don’t walk a mile a day and I was fine.

Beverley | Pack Your Passport

Thanks for the link back Ben – love your perspective on this and how you’ve split it into sections :-)


Thanks for commenting. I’ll see you around!

Michela @Rocky Australia Travel

Climbing the Sdyney Harbour Bridge is something I always wanted to do, but my fear or better my “phobia” for heights does prevent me from venturing into this unique experience. I know that I will feel sick while climbing up so for the moment being I have no remedy to this problem and as a little consolation I love watching photos and read about the harbour bridge climb from great testimonials like yours! …sigh! You are indeed lucky you could experience it live! :)


They were very sensitive to our tour members who were fearful of heights. Maybe someday? There’s always the Pylon Lookout too.


$400 that is insane! You could sky dive a couple of times for that price.
ayngelina recently posted something special..The Boca Experience


You could, but Sky Diving can be done virtually anywhere, but climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge can only be done in… Sydney!

eileen ludwig

Wow, just wow. That is a lot of money for a lot of work. I was hoping for an elevator especially at that price. Glad you got to do it. No wonder it cost you $6000 for the trip. With the dollar in the dumps …..
When I saw Oprah and crew do it, had no idea they charged you to put you through that rigorous climb.

Rather sail with Russell Crowe instead

Did the Eiffel Tower on my last day in Paris? Never been to Austrian might have to wait until next lifetime.

Glad this was such an awesome trip for you.

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Thanks Eileen. And a tour like this really does highlight how quickly out of control vacation budgets can spiral. Save, save, save – you could get there someday.


Premium Experiences command Premium Prices. Very true.


It does border on the expensive side. And if the staff and educational components weren’t as great as they were, I’d say ditch it. But they weren’t! Let us know what Mrs. Budget Travel Adventures has to say.


I spent five months in Australia and vacationed in Sydney for a week while I was there. I tried to convince my traveling partner to do the Bridge Climb with me, but she kept saying no. Next thing I knew, it was the last day of my trip and I hadn’t been able to climb the bridge before my return to Perth. I was devastated. I regret not doing it without my friend to this day, and can only hope I’ll get back to Australia again so I can finally cross it off my bucket list. And conquer my ridiculous fear of heights in a super epic way. Thanks for this list, it’s cemented the experience in my mind as a must-do!


And that’s exactly why you must do it – so you don’t regret it when you return home. Hopefully you can cross it off your list in the future. We had someone in our group who was also afraid of heights. Robyn was real great in helping her through it. BridgeClimb has a motto: Every Climber, Every Time.