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Victoria Falls Bridge Bungee Jump

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 Victoria Falls Bridge Bungee Jump [1]

[Update 1/8/12 - There was an accident at this Bungee Jump a few days ago. Here's my opinion [2] on it and extreme sports in general.]

Earlier this week I debated whether or not I should Bungee Jump from the Victoria Falls Bridge [3] between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Watch this YouTube video to see how I answered the question…

Can you believe it? I did it!!!

I was jumper number 22 for the day at 69 Kilograms.

Falling from 111 Meters

 Victoria Falls Bridge Bungee Jump

Bungee Jumping had been on My Adventure List [4] for the longest time. And when given the opportunity here in Africa, I couldn’t pass it up. There are lots of places around the world to do it, but with the backdrop of Victoria Falls as you plummet, there’s truly no other place in the world that could be better.

This was one of the scariest moments in my life. It took me the entire day to build up the courage. I was jumping alone, so there was little support or encouragement to coach me through it – making it even tougher. While I was visiting Vic Falls on the Zambian side, I ran into a school group with some students who wanted to jump, but their chaperones wouldn’t allow them. So this jump, was in part, a tribute to them. The adventurous spirit lives in each of us, we just need a little push. Thank you to my friends on twitter, the Indian Tour Group and those American Students I ran into that helped me through the decision-making process

And with that push I was hurtling down to the ground. While the Victoria Falls Bridge is not the tallest Bungee Jump in the world, it’s higher than most. What must have been around 5 seconds, was nothing but acceleration. You couldn’t feel any tension letting you know you were strapped to something. Pure free fall. Pure terror.

WIth the Zambezi River coming closer, you snap back up, bounce up and down and dangle while waiting for your rescue.

What I Learned

 Victoria Falls Bridge Bungee Jump

We only live once. When our time is up, our time is up. Seize the day, Just do it, Carpe Diem, Live with no regrets, whatever cliche you want. We could all use a little adventure in our lives.

I took a risk and conquered my fear. I’ve lived to tell the tale and have no regrets. This is a memory and story that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. Despite the excuses, despite the fear of the unknown, despite being alone I did it. And you can to.

What’s your biggest fear? And what are you going to do about it?

You can find some of my Vic Falls Bungee Jump photos [5]on my Facebook Fan Page.

I’ll see you out there…! But not with a cord strapped to my ankles.

The Essentials

For More Information: I couldn’t find any official site for the Bungee Jump Outfitter, Big Air, but check out this comprehensive tour operator’s website [6]with all the details you need. You may want to book ahead during busy season. I walked right up.

Attraction Costs: It was $110 for the Bungee Jump. If you want to add on a bungee swing and zipline it’s a substantial savings if you do all three at once. The Bungee Jump was all I needed. The DVD and Photo CD cost me an additional $45 – a very steep price for a few snapshots and video. I was traveling alone so no one could record my jump. If you have a travel partner, have them take photos on rapid shutter mode, and buy the DVD. It’s filmed from 2 different angles, a nice touch.

How to get there: You can’t miss it. As you approach the Victoria Falls Bridge from the Zambian side, you’ll see the steps leading up to the registration desk. You may find lots of people on the side of the road asking you if you’re going to Bungee Jump. Not sure if they get a commission, just trying to make conversation or scamming you. Whatever the reason, you don’t need their services to register.

Suggested Time to Experience Fully: 5 seconds for the fall, 5 minutes waiting upside-down to be hoisted back up. Enjoy the view

Best Time to Visit: As soon as you find the courage to sign the paperwork. The longer you wait, the harder the decision will be. Once you pay your money, there are no refunds. So throw down your cash and jump.

Ben Recommends: Every traveler to Victoria Falls should do this, especially if you’ve never bungee jumped. If you opt out, you’ll regret it as soon as you return home. Stare fear in the face and jump.

 Victoria Falls Bridge Bungee Jump [7]
This adventure to Victoria Falls was sponsored by Chanters Lodge, Livingstone. Considering a trip to Livingstone? Click the photo to book your accommodation at Chanters Lodge.

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