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Hey Adventurers…

This page includes resources from my presentation: “9 1/2 ways to ignite adventure in your life“. You’ll find web links, books and advice to help you: explore our world, discover your neighborhood, travel more and have more fun when traveling!

I’d love to hear what adventures you have, so send an e-mail and contact me!


 9 1/2 Ways to Ignite Adventure Resources

1. create an adventure list – need some suggestions? Remember: Write it Down, Make it Active, Plan it, Do it

2. what’s the 1 thing? Going somewhere for a quick trip? Stuck somewhere with some time to kill? Find the 1 thing…

  • wikitravel.org
  • visit the homepage of the tourism bureau for the city you’re visiting. They may also have a facebook and twitter account too!
  • Lonely Planet Guidebooks are comprehensive, well-written and a great value
  • Ask the front desk person, taxi driver, restaurant server, flight attendant, etc.

3. eliminate “buts”

  • Stop making excuses. Simply put, if you find yourself saying, “but”, you’re making an excuse. Eliminate “buts”. Otherwise, you’re keeping yourself from going anywhere. For every “but”, there’s a solution. Find it.

4. start in your backyard

The following websites offer great information on what’s happening in Orlando.

5. end in your neighbor’s yard

Take a road trip. Here’s some go to resources.

6. do something child-like

  • celebrate International Pillow Fight Day
  • fly a kite at the beach
  • climb a tree and read a book
  • go to a carnival and eat all the bad foods
  • get lost in a corn maze
  • roll around in a hamster ball
  • challenge your friends at laser tag
  • bounce on a trampoline
  • roller skate to your favorite tunes
  • spend a rainy day surfing indoors

7. return to your childhood

  • where did your family go on vacation?
  • visit your alma mater
  • hometown parades
  • have a retro game night

8. get a guaranteed date

  • join a sports league
  • find a hobby
  • take a class
  • volunteer
  • blog

9. be risky

  • enter a contest
  • try an “extreme” activity (skydiving, bungee jumping)
  • start a business

9 1/2. add lots of cherries – make your adventure one to remember!

  • fulfill one of your dreams on your adventure list
  • do one of those expensive excursions you always wanted to to, but never could afford
  • celebrate with friends
  • add an overnight to your trip
  • treat yourself to a good meal