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38% of U.S. Travelers (and 64% of non-U.S. Travelers) use social media while traveling. And 92% of consumers say they trust earned media (like blogs) above all other forms of traditional advertising. Sponsoring travel blogs (like this one) is an ideal way for your travel brand to reach and engage with travel enthusiasts. Need more convincing?

Why Sponsor Travel Blogs?

For an insightful look at the future of the travel industry and social media, enjoy these two perspectives…

Furthermore, the long-term value of engaging with travel bloggers over “traditional media” include:
    • increased exposure for your brand
    • a unique and creative approach to promoting your brand/ destination
    • a small investment for a breadth of awareness in the social media world
    • a focused readership of travel-minded individuals to share your message
    • potential for page-rank increase in popular search engines (if you’re a small operation, this is incredibly helpful)
    • a permanent story here on adventureswithben.com; blog posts don’t get thrown in the trash like magazines do.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Adventures With Ben is a travel blog with a focus on Doing Extraordinary Things. Brands & destinations that offer adventure-type stories are an ideal fit. Additional story areas include:

    • Interesting Foods
    • Travel & Financial Planning
    • Adventure Travel Gear/Technology Reviews
    • Destination Planning
adventureswithben.com has been featured in national and international media including:
    • FoxNews.com
    • BBC
    • FareCompare.com
    • and numerous print publications in the United States, Canada and beyond

Ready to get started? Here are a few approaches to consider:


Adventures With Ben has been invited on numerous press trips, using social media to bring the destination/brand to life in a comprehensive, robust, multi-media approach on this blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media networks. Past trips have included:


Adventures With Ben publishes a monthly newsletter to readers of the blog. The newsletter includes travel tips, blog updates, travel stories of interest and other relevant content.


In his secret, full-time job, Adventures With Ben works as a professional corporate trainer. A natural, dynamic and engaging speaker, Ben is able to present keynote speeches and workshops on a variety of topics. Ben has been invited to speak at the American Society of Travel Agents National Conference, the Central Floggers Blogger Conference and the Global Bloggers Network web series, among other engagements. Ben is able to talk about:

    • 9 1/2 Ways to Ignite Adventure in Your Life – A 60-minute keynote speech about finding the courage and spirit to Do Extraordinary Things
    • Travel Photography with an iPhone
    • Travelogues on Australia, South Africa and Adventure Tourism
    • How to Start a Travel Blog
    • Finding New Ways to Share Your Blog Content
Custom engagements, tailored to your brand, are available upon request with advance notice.


Adventures With Ben frequently reviews products and hosts giveaways for blog readers. Past brands have included:


adventureswithben.com is optimized to support web advertising through banners on the header and sidebar of the blog. Banner ads are great tools to supplement your sponsorship of this site.

Some Stats You Should Know

    • 46,300+ YouTube Views
    • 2,700+ Twitter Followers, Klout Range 50+
    • 575 Facebook Fans
    • 75,249+ Yearly Absolute Unique Visitors (A year-on-year increase of 345%)
    • 129,703+ Yearly Page Views (A year-on-year increase of 312%)
    • For Calendar Year 2011, 64% of visitors came from the United States, followed by Canada (7%), the United Kingdom (5%), Australia (3%) and South Africa (3%)
    • For Calendar Year 2010, 20% of all U.S. visitors came from Florida
    • 45% of readers are male, 55% of readers are female
    • 40% of readers are 18-34, 37% of readers are 35-54
    • 28% of readers have an annual household income of $50,000-$100,00
    • 12% of readers have an annual household income of $100,000+

Website statistics are provided by Google Analytics and Quantcast for the measuring period of 03/11-03/12 and 10/11-03/12 respectively.


  • To sponsor on this site, or to learn more about sponsorship opportunities contact me.
  • *Please note, I adhere to all ethical and legal requirements set forth by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission in disclosing any partnerships that we enter into. Thank you for your understanding and commitment to professionalism and ethical responsibility in blogging. Paid advertisements are notated with a pink hyperlink.