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Walking the Vancouver Seawall

It seems as though I’m constantly playing catch-up with my posts. Five posts a week just isn’t enough to stay current. Needless to say, I haven’t forgotten about all my adventures in South Africa, Zambia and New Hampshire. They’ve all got dates slotted on my publishing calendar, waiting for when I have some time to write and edit.

With all that being said, today’s post is from Vancouver. Two weeks ago I literally spent 25 hours in the city. I was attending a conference at the new Vancouver Convention Center. After touching down in the city, I took a walk along the Vancouver Seawall. Here’s what you can see along the way…

1. Start: Is that a Blue Vuvuzela?

 Walking the Vancouver Seawall

I’ve spent too much time in South Africa that now I think I’m seeing vuvuzelas everywhere. Turns out it’s just a blue sculpture on the side of the convention center.

2. Follow the path along the water

 Walking the Vancouver Seawall

The scenery is spectacular.

3. Soak up the Sun at Harbor Green Park

 Walking the Vancouver Seawall

Take a break and lie on the grass. When was the last time you felt the feeling of grass?

 Walking the Vancouver Seawall

4.Watch the Seaplanes take off and land

 Walking the Vancouver Seawall

And if you have the time and money, why not take a ride in one yourself?

5. Admire the Boats Docked Along the Seawall

 Walking the Vancouver Seawall

My Canadian readers will enjoy the name of the boat: Prairie Oyster

6. Chart Your Path Through Stanley Park

 Walking the Vancouver Seawall

You could spend a few hours here walking it’s paths, so wander aimlessly or if you’re short on time, make a plan.

7. Swing by the Aquarium

 Walking the Vancouver Seawall

You can pay to go in, or watch the whales and seals for free. They’re just around the corner.

8. Have a Picnic in the Park

 Walking the Vancouver Seawall

Bring your own, or purchase from the grill.

9. Finish: Return & End at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Torch

 Walking the Vancouver Seawall

It’s located right next to the Vancouver Convention Center. Be sure to check out the Killer Whale Sculpture too. It’s pixelated.

 Walking the Vancouver Seawall

Today’s Lesson: Sometimes a stroll through a city, in it’s simplicity, can be the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Cheap, good for your health and unexpected surprises may delight you along the way.

What’s your favorite city to walk in?

I’ll see you out there…!

The Essentials

For More Information: Here’s the official information from the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. I’ve also posted additional photos from my walk along the Vancouver Seawall on Facebook.

Costs: Absolutely free, except for meals or bike rentals.

How to get there: Start at the convention center, located downtown and follow the water. You can’t get lost. Just ask where the Olympic Torch is located and you’ll be all set.

Suggested Time to Experience Fully: Depending on your pace, budget at least 2 hours. Remember, however far you walk away, you have to walk that distance back. Cabs are available around Stanley Park if necessary.

Best Time to Visit: I’ve only been in summer. It was perfect. The weather was warm but not hot. Everything was green. It was perfect.

Ben Recommends: Have lunch at a restaurant along the seawall and ice cream in the park. Bring a book to read or a blanket to lay out on the grass. Just enjoy the day by doing nothing. Relax.

 Walking the Vancouver Seawall
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jeff noel

Great conversation today. Use all the brilliant, simple, world class strategies and tactics you know and pretend you’re a consultant from the outside looking in.

You can do it.

Dude, for crying out loud, you jumped off that bridge in South Africa.

There’s nothing you can’t do. For real.

The secret? You have to believe it.


Thanks Jeff!