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The Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb for the Budget Traveler

 The Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb for the Budget Traveler

The Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb is a must-do attraction while in Sydney. And even though the $200 price tag per person is worth every penny, I realize that the cost far exceeds many travelers budgets. The good news is, it’s possible to get a similar bridge-top view of the Sydney Skyline at a fraction of the cost.

The Sydney Harbor Bridge Pylon Lookout

 The Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb for the Budget Traveler

Those two pylons at either end of the bridge aren’t just there for decoration,* the one closet to downtown Sydney serves as a lookout point. Called the Pylon Lookout, travelers can climb the 200 stairs to the top for a great view of the city. And for less than $10.00 per person, you can afford to bring the whole family.

Bring Your Camera

 The Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb for the Budget Traveler

While personal photography is prohibited on the bridge climb, the pylon lookout has no restrictions. Bring your camera and snap photos of Sydney Harbor from all sides and angles. When you’re done, you can enjoy the museum inside. It provides some great history about the construction of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

 The Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb for the Budget Traveler

Easy to Find

 The Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb for the Budget Traveler

You can’t miss the pylon lookout. Use the pedestrian walkway on the bridge and enter the tower. You’ll pay upstairs. And if you did pay for the bridge climb tour, you’ll receive a coupon good for one free admission to the Pylon Lookout. Yet another reason why BridgeClimb Sydney is worth the money.

 The Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb for the Budget Traveler

For value for price, the Pylon Lookout is a great alternative to climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge (but it’s still not as cool as my budget option for checking out the Melbourne Skyline).

I’ll see you out there…!

*Actually they are. The bridge does not need those pylons to support itself. At the time of construction, the architect didn’t think the public would trust the bridge if it didn’t look strong. So he built those two rock pylons on either side of the bridge to give the appearance that the bridge is strong and mighty.


[...] Ben from Adventures with Ben recently explored the inexpensive Sydney Bridge Climb alternative Bridge Pylon Lookout.Of course we have not had a chance to view this magnificent piece of architecture from all the best [...]


I think it is a bit pricey, but I will follow your advice and I am going to climb. I like adventures and this sounds like real fun.
Ross recently posted something special..Mirabel Golf Community

Sophie | Sophie's World

Great tips! I’ve been in Sydney heaps but didn’t know about the lookout in that pylon. Is it safe for children as well – fences, rails, etc?
Sophie | Sophie’s World recently posted something special..Lamenting lost love in the Azores


I’d say it’s fairly safe. The lookout has a wall about 1.5 meters high, but there’s a step so you can look out over, but still is high enough to prevent you from falling over. Watch your kids and they’ll be fine.

Caz Makepeace

I don’t live that far from Sydney and I go there often. I never knew about the pylon lookout. Thanks for the great tip!! Will be checking it out soon.


Wow! On a nice day, you can get a clear view of the city, the bridge has the fencing which obstructs the camera.

Jozef @ Where Now

Heading to Sydney in three weeks time! Going to have zero money by this point so this sort of stuff is useful to know!! Cheers
Jozef @ Where Now recently posted something special..Quintay- Austral Diving


You’ll need a bit more than $0.00 for Sydney. Did you read my post about costs in Australia, lol?!

Mark Wiens

Thanks for this info Ben, if I visit Sydney I’ll definitely be visiting the lookout point instead of dishing out the $200!
Mark Wiens recently posted something special..Top 16 Bangkok Street Food Sanctuaries


Glad I could share both sides of the coin for both types of travelers.

Christy @ Technosyncratic

Both this budget option and the climb seem like really cool things to do in Sydney… I’d probably do them both! ;)
Christy @ Technosyncratic recently posted something special..Saying Farewell to Mayhem


And if you do the latter, the former is free.

Cathy Sweeney

Great information.I actually didn’t know that you could climb the bridge itself — sounds like an awesome experience. But indeed, very expensive. I like your option. Interesting background about the pylons, too.


Climbing the bridge is surprisingly not that strenuous. It’s stairs all the way. The pylons story surprised me too.

Michael Figueiredo

I had no idea! Thanks for sharing this tip! (I’m sure I’ll break down and do the bridge climb too though!)
Michael Figueiredo recently posted something special..Some Like It Hot!

Nathan H.

Interesting bit of history about the architect. So is there anything you do at ground level lol


Funny you should ask… check out tomorrow’s post!