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Daily Travel Photo: Crepes at First Watch Orlando

 Daily Travel Photo: Crepes at First Watch Orlando

I went out for breakfast with mom recently to First Watch – a healthful cafe located in Orlando. Breakfast with mom is special because it’s nice to do something with just one parent (dad and I went skydiving). Plus, going out for breakfast is a casual, relaxing way to start the day.

Spend some quality time with your mom. Tell her that you love her.

I’ll see you out there…!

Walking the Willamette River

Last week’s posts were all about Eugene, Oregon. This is my last post from the few days I spent there. You’ll hear more from Utah soon. I’m trying to figure out how important timeliness is with my posts. Is it better to post all of one city’s post one after the other, or vary it up with no particular order to the posts? I don’t have the answer, you tell me.

You’ll recognize the photo below from this week’s Sign Sunday Post.

Sign Sunday: Birds Don’t Like Worms?

 Sign Sunday: Birds Dont Like Worms?

It’s been 2 weeks since my trip to Eugene and I still have an adventure or 2 to share. While I was going on a stroll along the Willamette River I saw this image and it made me laugh. I thought birds liked worms, but I guess I was wrong. More stories from my river walk later this week.

Happy Birthday to my brother Nick today.


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Valley River Inn Breakfast

I don’t generally enjoy hotel restaurants. The food is usually average. The service, less than average and the venue is bland. Due to my schedule last week, I had to dine at the restaurant at the Valley River Inn three times. I was pleasantly surprised.

Writing posts 6-7 days a week is a tough task, I won’t lie. With the gift of time I had that morning, I decided to have a leisurely breakfast and catch up on my internet empire at the same time. My server was polite, non-intrusive and knowledgeable about the menu.

 Valley River Inn Breakfast

Dining at the 5th Street Public Market

 Dining at the 5th Street Public Market

In addition to Skinner Butte Park, the other must-do attraction in Eugene, Oregon is the 5th Street Public Market. For a Tuesday night, the market was understandably quiet. I enjoyed the peacefulness and solitude, as if I had the place to myself, but I could picture the place when it is busy buzzing with energy too. Either way, you’re sure to win.

The Public Market used to be an old chicken factory. Today it’s a place full of shops and restaurants. My purpose was to enjoy dinner. There are several restaurants in the surrounding area, both along the street and inside the market. On the corner is the main eatery with several dining options.

Skinner Butte Park

It was a beautiful day in Eugene, Oregon. The kind of day you would want to spend outside. So that’s what I did. I took a trip to Skinner Butte Park on the recommendation of several Oregonians. Adventurers to the park have a choice; They can hike or drive to the top. I chose to drive.

From the top of the park you can look out over the city and see the Willamette River and surrounding mountains. This is the Oregon that I had aways pictured in my mind. My last trip was to Pendleton, Oregon which is a 3 hours drive East of Portland. It is very cowboy and Wild West-like. Eugene, is the quintessential Pacific Northwest Community.

Climbing a Tree in Eugene, OR

When I arrived at the airport in Eugene, Oregon I asked the lady at the rental car company what’s the one thing I should do/see/eat in Eugene. I ask this question every time I travel to the usual suspects: rental car company, hotel front desk and cab driver. It is surprising how difficult a question it would seem I am asking. Seriously, you work in travel and hospitality. Train your people to be able to answer this question without saying “Gee, I don’t know”. I don’t think I’m asking a lot, am I?