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Hands Down, J. Alexander’s Served the Best Meal Ever

 Hands Down, J. Alexanders Served the Best Meal Ever

I wrote last week that I was alone on Valentine’s Day. Yes my loved one wasn’t by my side, but I did go out to dinner with a colleague to J. Alexander’s in Cincinnati. Without hesitation, it was the best meal I have ever had.

 Hands Down, J. Alexanders Served the Best Meal Ever

Now, I know, that was a very strong statement to make. The best meal ever means that out of all the meals I have ever eaten (over 33,000), this one makes the top of the list. That’s a big deal.

Cheese – A Major Food Group

 Cheese   A Major Food Group

Whenever I travel, I love spoiling myself with food. I eat pretty plainly at home. It’s a money-saving technique. But as soon as I travel and discover a quaint, little Main Street… I’m all over those little boutique shops like “flies on stink” (as my dad once said)! Such was the case on a trip to Madison, Wisconsin when I stumbled upon Fromagination.

 Cheese   A Major Food Group

Fromagination included one of the four major food groups…

  • Chocolate
  • Bread & Oil
  • Wine
  • Cheese
I could eat cheese forever. My favorite… bleu cheese and smoked gouda. And where better to get cheese in the United States than Wisconsin!

 Cheese   A Major Food Group

What Symbols Represent America?

 What Symbols Represent America?

I was returning home from Vancouver via the U.S. Border Crossing in Washington State and encountered this sign. Iconic American landmarks welcomed our return home:

  • The U.S. Flag
  • The Statue of Liberty
  • The U.S. Capitol Building
  • Mount Rushmore
  • The Golden Gate Bridge
  • The Seattle Space Needle

While waiting for the endless queue to advance, I contemplated this sign for a bit. I suppose it’s because I do so much international travel, I don’t ever think about U.S. Travel. France has the Eiffel Tower, Australia the Opera House and Uluru, Egypt the Pyramids and the list goes on and on. But what represents America?

Junction City, Kansas – Is Just Like You’d Picture it to Be

 Junction City, Kansas   Is Just Like Youd Picture it to Be

I once had a trip to Junction City, Kansas. Junction City is about a 2-hour drive west of Kansas City, Kansas. Close your eyes and imagine what Junction City must be like. Okay, open them. Junction City is just like you imagined.

Beyond the rolling hills of the countryside rests this small town. Dinner choices included Denny’s, a Subway and that Chinese Restaurant (truth be told, I found a nicer place on my third night in town). When I asked a local where I should eat, they were very delighted to share with me that Olive Garden would be opening soon – but that it wasn’t open yet.

From the Edge with Peter Lik Giveaway!

 From the Edge with Peter Lik Giveaway!

Hey Adventurers,

I’m excited to share today’s post with you. This Thursday, March 31st,  The Weather Channel is debuting an all-new show From the Edge with Peter Lik and there’s something in it for you!*

From the Edge with Peter Lik

 From the Edge with Peter Lik Giveaway!

Peter is an Aussie who is known for his stunning nature photography. In his new show, he’ll be taking viewers across the United States to places like Hawaii, Alaska, Montana and Arizona to capture the best in travel, nature and weather photography. Of course, you can expect the power of nature to play a role in his adventures across the country.

The Ten Commandments of McDonald’s

Visiting McDonald’s while you  travel is always a fun, quick adventure. Whether it’s discovering if the food tastes different or sampling new menu items you’ll always discover a lesson in America, Capitalism or International Business. But you don’t always have to travel abroad to be surprised.

I was in Spartanburg, SC a few years back and came across the Ten Commandments posted above Ronald McDonald.

 The Ten Commandments of McDonalds

At first glance, I thought they were the 10 Commandments of the Golden Arches. Ya know, things like:

  • Thou shall not steal your neighbors burger a la the Hamburgerler
  • Thou shall not grimace

Why I Want to Drive 1,554 Miles After Reading “Drive I-95″

 Why I Want to Drive 1,554 Miles After Reading Drive I 95

Having blogged about travel for 15 months, I’ve reached a milestone where PR folks flood my box with pitches for stories – most of them not of any interest to me (or you). But an offer to read Drive I-95, a book by Stan and Sandra Posner, caught my attention. Having driven that stretch of highway many times from my home state of Massachusetts all the way to Florida, I can tell you that it’s not pleasant. It’s long, boring and takes two full days with little to look forward to.

A Day Trip to Block Island: In Photographs

 A Day Trip to Block Island: In Photographs

Where is Block Island?

I grew up only 90 minutes from Block Island, Rhode Island’s summer getaway, but never went there. The excuse always was, “I can go there anytime”. While a valid excuse, it turns out anytime meant never. I took it for granted. And now that I live in Orlando, I can’t just take a day trip to Block Island. So on a recent trip home to Massachusetts, my brother and I visited this tiny island off Rhode Island’s Coast.

Today’s post will be shared in pictures (and for more photos of Block Island, you can visit my Facebook Fan Page  Block Island Photo Album).