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A Hotel is a Hotel; Even in Brazil

Question: Can you guess which world city this is…

 A Hotel is a Hotel; Even in Brazil

Answer: It’s Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Now I’m sure the first thing you’re thinking is, “where?” “what?” “who cares?” “that picture shows nothing” And sometimes that’s the reality of travel.

I’ve been to South America. I have a Brazilian passport stamp to prove it. But in many ways I haven’t been to Brazil.

On a business trip to Brazil, I flew into Sao Paulo and immediately connected to Porto Alegre, in the southern part of the country. We immediately proceeded to the hotel where I checked-in before having dinner and going to bed. Day 2 was a full-day of work, dinner at night followed by my departure early on day 3.

I Found an Irreverent Airplane Magazine Article

I thought it would be fun to start your weekend with something slightly irreverent. Something funny. Something bizarre. Something immature. But something very real and very serious.

On one of my several plane trips through South Africa, I came across an article in the in-flight magazine that made me raise an eyebrow and laugh. It referenced a video from Brazil that went viral. Watch it for yourself and see if you can determine what it’s about…