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How Long Does it Take to Fly To Africa?

Whenever I travel afar one of the questions I am most frequently asked is, “How long does it take to travel there?” Naturally the answers differs depending on the destination, but for this recent trip to Africa, I decided to time it exactly. From the moment I left the house to the moment I step foot into my hotel room for the first time, I clocked how long it took to travel to South Africa. What are your guesses? Watch this YouTube Video to find the answer…

So there you have it. Traveling to Africa takes a heck of a long amount of time. Another question I am frequently asked is, “How do you keep yourself busy on such a long flight?” Well, it’s becoming easier and easier.

On my first trip to Africa I flew in coach. My backpack was loaded with lots of books, magazines, my ipod and games to keep me busy. Not only did I not use hardly any of these items, I was lugging them around the entire trip. Since them I have slimmed down my bag and take only the essentials. The most important being a bottle of sleeping pills.

That’s my magic medicine to help me through the flights. Shortly after take off meal service begins. After I’m done eating I pop a few pills, brush my teeth and fall asleep. Depending on my seat, I’ll get about 4 hours of sleep in. Sometimes I’ll wake up and sleep another few hours after that. By this time, it’s breakfast, watch a movie and prepare for landing. The movie selection was quite poor to be honest. I saw Bride Wars during dinner and then watched a bunch of TV shows: The Office, Family Guy and Will and Grace. The games were just okay too.

As you saw on this trip, I was flying in Delta’s new Business Class with Lie Flat Seats. Being able to sleep fully extended, I got an unheard of 8 hours of sleep! It makes a world of difference in passing the time and adjusting to the time change. And while I’m not fully adjusted yet as I write this, I can recover much faster.

Do you have a secret to staying busy on long flights? I’d love to hear it. Comment Below.



Can you just say the answer? If you can’t I will not visit this website again!!!


You’ve got to watch the video. That’s part of the fun! But it will take you about 30 hours or so door-to-door, depending on connections.