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What’s Bigger than a Big Mac? A Mega Mac!

 Whats Bigger than a Big Mac? A Mega Mac!

In addition to timing the time it takes to travel overseas, another one of my travel traditions is to eat a Big Mac in “foreign” countries (like South Africa). While my research thus far has found that no matter the country, the Big Mac tastes the same as in the U.S. 100% of the time, I always want to sample it anyway – just in case. Well in Singapore, I walked by McDonald’s and saw something that took my breath away…the MEGA MAC

What makes the Mega Mac Different from a Big Mac? Well, I’ll rewrite the McDonald’s Big Mac Jingle to tell you…

FOUR all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun!

That’s right adventurers, the Mega Mac has four beef patties.

Where Can You Buy a Mega Mac?

To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never seen this item on the menu in the United States. Which meant, I had to try it out. So in the name of research, I ordered my Mega Mac. (According to Wikipedia, the Mega Mac is located in select countries).

 Whats Bigger than a Big Mac? A Mega Mac!

First things first, the Mega Mac is mega size. It truly lives up to it’s name. I literally could not fit the sandwich in my mouth to eat it. It was gigantic.

 Whats Bigger than a Big Mac? A Mega Mac!

It takes some finessing to actually eat the sandwich.

 Whats Bigger than a Big Mac? A Mega Mac!

But after awhile, the sandwich starts to fall apart. With special sauce all over my fingers, I opted to eat the Mega Mac with a fork. Caution: the photo below is not pretty. This is what a Mega Mac looks like on the inside.

 Whats Bigger than a Big Mac? A Mega Mac!

Let’s face it, the best part of a Mega Mac is the special sauce. But the special sauce doesn’t touch every patty. So after eating the sauced-up patties, the remaining patties are nothing but dry beef; A bit disappointing.

 Whats Bigger than a Big Mac? A Mega Mac!

How Many Calories Are in the Mega Mac?

I wish I could tell you how many calories are in the Mega Mac. McDonald’s didn’t have it posted on their wall, nor does the Singaporean website list it. I tried the McDonald’s websites for other countries where the sandwich is sold, but it wasn’t listed there either. An oversight or an intentional masking of the nutritional value? You be the judge. But I’ll take a guess and say that the Mega Mac has more calories than a Big Mac, which tops in at 540 calories.

For better or worse I ate everything but a few bites of bread. I’m trying to watch my diet and didn’t want the extra carbs.

 Whats Bigger than a Big Mac? A Mega Mac!

And yes, the Mega Mac tastes just like a Big Mac, only megarer!

Today’s Lesson

It’s okay, every once in awhile, to eat something really, really bad for you and live dangerously. Just don’t make it a habit. But maybe that’s just me. Would you ever eat a Mega Mac? Why or Why not? Share by commenting.

I’ll see you out there…! But not in a Mega Mac line. Never again.



You know there was a Monster Mac in Germany, which had 8 beef patties and xtra cheese :) I wish I got a chance to try that one out…


Really? I would love to try that one!


I tried the mega mac it was pretty good i was really hungry lol. it wasnt messy at all maybe they put too much sauce on yours. I tried mine in Egypt, cairo. and i dont agree that all mcdonalds tastes the same because i noticed a slight diff taste in burger spice here in egypt. It has a subtle cinnamon/nutmeg taste like kabsa spice.


You’re the first person to tell me otherwise in my not-so-scientific study. Now I’m curious to try it in Egypt!



You look like you’re going to be sick in one of these pictures :) kudos to you for eating this!!

- Kim


Didn’t get ill, but felt gross afterwards. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Would you eat it?

Tandem World

There are countries in the world that have BIGGER Big Macs than you can get in the US?! Don’t tell Texas!


Oh yes! These would never fly in the U.S. – even Texas. The sheer sight of the Mega Mac on the menu board would make people pass out in fear of a coronary. 2 Days later I think I’m still feeling lethargic over eating it.