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The Best Pancakes in the World are in Melbourne, Australia

 The Best Pancakes in the World are in Melbourne, Australia

When you travel, no matter how far, you eat a lot of different meals. Few are memorable. Sure the meals may taste excellent, but long after the trip is over, you can’t remember exactly what it was that made it taste so good. You just remember that it was good. Eating jellyfish and my Zimbabwean Chicken Sandwich are the exceptions. I can add mini pancakes at Cafe Verona in the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Australia to this list.

 The Best Pancakes in the World are in Melbourne, Australia

How good were they? So good I had to return twice for these bite-sized treasures of indulgence. Make a circle with your thumb and pointer finger and you’ll have the approximate size of these pancakes. They are made in a fancy grill right before your very eyes.

 The Best Pancakes in the World are in Melbourne, Australia

You can order them with lemon and butter, maple syrup, jam, mixed berries and chocolate. Each plate is also served with whipped cream or ice cream. I chose the mixed berries – a combination I would highly recommend.

The fresh, sweet whipped cream made for an excellent pairing with the slightly tart berries.Top it off with powdered sugar and enjoy.

 The Best Pancakes in the World are in Melbourne, Australia

Lines can be¬†quite long for Cafe Verona’s menu items, but the wait will be worth it. My only regret was not finding a way to package these little beauties up and bring them home to the United States.

Veteran travelers will tell you that trying new foods is one of the great pleasures of traveling. And when you make a delicious discovery, you certainly want to take advantage of enjoying it as often as possible since you may not ever eat there again. It could be something exotic, or in this case, a familiar breakfast staple. Whatever it is, bon appetit!

Have you ever found a meal or restaurant while traveling that you enjoyed so much you returned again and again? Share by commenting.

I’ll see you out there…!




Poffertjes! Pretty sure there may be some Dutch competition somewhere in the world…


I’m not a pancake fan but this is definitely something I’d try out – as long as there was bacon on the side
ayngelina recently posted something special..The carnal seduction of Argentina


I’m sure that could be arranged – there’s a whole market of meats across from the cafe.


I think the Dutch might have a thing or two to say about the Best in the World moniker. But they’re not here. And those puppies do look delicious! :)
Raymond recently posted something special..The World is Flat and You Can Be Too


Puppies! I’ve never heard pancakes called that!


I’ve lived in Melbourne for 26 years and didn’t know about them!

Definitely on my to-do list now though!
Kieron recently posted something special..Backpack vs suitcase Our decision


Check them out and let me know what you think!

Scott - Quirky Travel Guy

Proof that everything is better in bite-size form. They look so good!
Scott – Quirky Travel Guy recently posted something special..LA In Songs


Mini hamburgers, mini pancakes. You’re so correct.


Now you’ll have to return and try it out!