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The Big Fiddle in Sydney is Indeed… a Big Fiddle

Posted By adventureswithben On July 25, 2011 @ 7:00 am In Canada,Landmarks,Museums & Other Attractions,Music & Dance | Comments Disabled

 The Big Fiddle in Sydney is Indeed... a Big Fiddle [1]

It’s really hot in Orlando right now, so I thought I would cool things down with a trip down memory lane to Sydney. Cool things down in Sydney? Really?

Absolutely! I was reviewing some photos on my computer over the weekend and came across a trip I took to Sydney, Nova Scotia in Canada. You can get there by flying Air Canada [2]. Yes, there are at least two Sydney’s in the world and they are very different from each other. On this particular trip, it was below freezing outside.

What is There To Do in Sydney, Nova Scotia?

 The Big Fiddle in Sydney is Indeed... a Big Fiddle

One of my 9 1/2 Ways to Ignite Adventure in Your Life [3] is to ask, “what’s the one thing I should see?” Understand that Sydney is about the size of my pinky finger. There’s not a whole lot there in mid-March, when you’re there for a few days on business. But that’s the fun of traveling, discovering the unique story each town offers. So I always ask people working at airports, restaurants, hotels and more what I should see in their town if I could only see one thing.

Unanimously in Sydney, everyone answered, The Big Fiddle.

The Sydney Big Fiddle

 The Big Fiddle in Sydney is Indeed... a Big Fiddle

What is the Sydney Big Fiddle? It’s a Big Fiddle. It’s over 50 feet tall, weighs 8 tons and took 8 months to build! It’s placement is right at the waterfront so any of you summer cruisers can’t miss it. It’s the biggest fiddle I’ve ever seen and meticulously crafted I might add.

It turns out, this fiddle is more than a novelty landmark in the Canadian Maritime Provinces, but a tribute to the Scottish heritage that lives on Cape Breton Island.

Fiddle music is all over the province, and a proud export at that. A trip to Sydney is not complete without a trip to Governors Pub & Eatery [4] (across from the fiddle), and listening to their live entertainment. A pint of beer, a hot meal and great music turn (what I thought was) a sleepy town into a lively party. Fiddle music, when played by the right musician, is incredible.

 The Big Fiddle in Sydney is Indeed... a Big Fiddle [5]

What else do you do at a big fiddle, but dance?

 The Big Fiddle in Sydney is Indeed... a Big Fiddle [6]

What’s the biggest object you’ve ever seen? Share by commenting.

I’ll see you out there…!

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