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I go past this landmark every weekday on my way to work, but it’s easy to forget how incrdible it can look. Thanks for reminding me!

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The Appalachian Trail stretches from Maine to Georgia so you can see you have plenty to choose from.

If fishing is not your “thing” then the miles of hiking trails they both offer will keep you busy during the day so as not to leave you sitting around the campsite doing nothing. The good thing about camping is once you get to your destination; the cost is no more than being at home.
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flashpackatforty - Craig

Great image, the opera house has to be one of my favourite buildings of all time. I was amazed when I finally got up close to discover it’s surface was made up of thousands of tiles, and none of them were white…


That was probably one of my biggest disappointments. I was hoping for a sparkling, white building.


Thanks. It’s easy to see why the Aussie’s are proud of their bridge.

George Jung

Very impressive shot. I always loved this building. It really stands out in the panorama when arriving at Sydney airport.
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what a great shot – the Sydney Opera house really is so photogenic!


For sure! From every angle it looks great!