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How Long Does it Take to Fly from Orlando to Singapore?

Posted By adventureswithben On September 28, 2010 @ 7:00 am In Airplanes,Airport,Asia,Orlando,Singapore,Travel | Comments Disabled

Ever since I timed how long it took to fly from Orlando to Africa [1], I’ve become obsessed with timing all my international flights. So when I left my house to fly from Orlando to Singapore, the clock started as soon as I pulled out of the garage door of my house to leave for the airport.

 How Long Does it Take to Fly from Orlando to Singapore? [2]

Singapore is the World’s Longest Flight

Singapore is located in South East Asia and holds the current record for the longest, non-stop flight. The Newark to Singapore route clocks in at 18 hours 50 minutes. Can you imagine being in a plane for that long? Los Angeles to Singapore comes in at number 2 according to Wikipedia which keeps a list of non-stop flights records [3]. I was flying Orlando to Chicago, Chicago to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Singapore.

 How Long Does it Take to Fly from Orlando to Singapore? [4]

Flying a Great Circle Route

When planes fly to Asia they follow a Great Circle Route. Remember in school you learned how the shortest distance between two points is a straight line? Well on a globe, it works a bit differently. You don’t just fly in a straight line, you curve up and over Canada and into China. It looks deceiving on a flat map, but math has told us it’s actually shorter.

 How Long Does it Take to Fly from Orlando to Singapore? [5]

Crossing the International Date Line

While flying over the Pacific Ocean, you cross the International Date Line. This means, in an instant, it’s another day. I left on Saturday, never saw Sunday, and arrived on Monday. Weird, huh?

 How Long Does it Take to Fly from Orlando to Singapore? [6]

Where is Singapore?

Singapore is a City-State at the tip of Malaysia. There is only one city in Singapore, called…Singapore. That’s what a City-State is. It’s one of the smallest countries in the world. The dot on the map is actually larger than the country!

 How Long Does it Take to Fly from Orlando to Singapore? [7]

So How Long Does it Take to Fly to Asia?

 How Long Does it Take to Fly from Orlando to Singapore? [8]

I walked into my hotel room after 29 hours, 18 minutes and 54 seconds. And it felt about that long. Even in business class, it’s not pleasant. I wonder how long my return flight home will be? Any guesses?

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I’ll see you out there…! But it may take me a long time!

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