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A Mile-By-Mile Recap of the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon: Everything I Discovered

 A Mile By Mile Recap of the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon: Everything I Discovered


That’s really all I could say at the end of the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon last week. Running 13.1 miles takes a lot out of you. With just over a week to recouperate, I’m ready to share everything I discovered about running, marathons, myself and more.

A Mile-by-Mile Half Marathon Video

I decided to take a camera with me and film a mile-by-mile editorial of my race progress. You can view by clicking on the YouTube video link below, but be warned… it’s a horrible video. Really bad. It’ dark, shaky, long and features me topless. I’m sure only race fanatics and Disney fans would have the patience to watch the whole thing.

Nonetheless, there are a few bright spots: the fireworks opening, catching a glimpse of the Main Street Electrical Parade Float in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Parking Lot and the finish line music. There’s also a hot air balloon thrown in for good measure.

Half Marathon Pearls of Wisdom

 A Mile By Mile Recap of the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon: Everything I Discovered

Running a half marathon? Thinking about it? Here are all the pearls of wisdom I can share.

  1. Strive for a half marathon. If anything. Add it to your adventure list. You’ll be glad you did. I never thought I could do it, but I did. And you can too.
  2. Drink lots – but not too much. I drank a ton of water to stay hydrated. And then boarded a long bus ride to the starting line. I had to pee really bad. How bad? This was the worst pee feeling ever. In 29 years of my life, I have never had to pee this bad and couldn’t. Trapped on a bus. My bladder is still pissed at me (like the pun)?! So drink a lot, but make sure you pee before boarding the bus.
     A Mile By Mile Recap of the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon: Everything I Discovered
  3. Watch your pacing at the beginning. I had so much energy at the start that I was running way faster than I should have. I couldn’t help it with all the energy and excitement. Just be careful.
  4. Keep to your training plan. I think I was in more pain since I wasn’t able to keep to the training plan I received (due to a hectic work schedule). If you train hard (it only takes 3 months), you’ll be fine.
  5. Wear comfortable clothes. I was outfitted in Lululemon shorts and a shirt. I loved them both. They were comfortable and fashionable (though in hindsight, I would have picked a brighter shirt than black for a night run). Luluemon and local running clinic Our Sole Intent were fantastic cheerleaders in this quest of mine and I’d suggest you check both of them out.
  6. Run Topless?I confess I took my shirt off for the middle of the race because I was afraid of bleeding nipples. I heard lots of tricks like spreading vaseline and/or band-aids on them to prevent said bleeding. But at the end of the day, I was a scaredy-cat and opted to take it off and tuck it in my back pocket. I even took a picture of my nipple on the big screen.
     A Mile By Mile Recap of the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon: Everything I Discovered

  7. Don’t bring a camera. It’s just another thing to carry. Maybe I’m a purest, but I like to run minimally, I don’t even listen to music.
  8. Snacks. Clif Bars are gross. Clif Bar Shot Gels are even grosser. Clif Bar Shot Bloks are delicious.
  9. Walk briskly through water stations. Have you ever tried drinking and running? You end up with more water on your shirt than in your mouth.
  10. Thank the volunteers. The people giving you water and snacks are volunteers. Thank them. They are great supporters.They have to clean up lots of cups.
     A Mile By Mile Recap of the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon: Everything I Discovered

  11. Forget about goals. The goal of the marathon is to finish. To not get swept up by the sweeper vans. I finished in 2:58:32. Under 3-hours is fine by me. You’re here to have fun. To exercise. And to achieve.
  12. Finishing is great. It really is.
  13. Don’t do anything the day after. You deserve it, so don’t bother doing anything the following day.
  14. Indulge. Look You’ve just burned nearly a day’s worth of energy. So have a bottle of wine and celebrate.

 A Mile By Mile Recap of the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon: Everything I Discovered

What advice would you give to someone running a half marathon? Share by commenting.

I’ll see you out there…! At the finish line.



Nice report buddy! I like the ideas of taking a camera around the course but i would definitely be tempted to exchange it for a cup of water at mile 11 or more then likely I would drop it.


It was a pain in the neck carrying it around for sure!

Gerard ~ GQ trippin

Holy cow. Disney and half-marathon? It’s pretty awesome to have Mickey cheering you on. Congrats on this race. I just signed up for the Big Sur half-marathon. It’s my 1st running event and kicks off in November. Can’t wait to run along the Pacific coast line.
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The Big Sur? Is that along the PCH? That would be an awesome marathon!


A kilo? That’s a piece of cake!

Emme Rogers

Wow! Congratulations!

And what an odd place to do a marathon. Was the park open to regular visitors too?

Also curious, where does the wine and dine in the title come into play?

~ Emme
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It was late at night, so no, all the parks were closed. After the race there was a party with food and wine. I was too exhausted to enjoy either!


I figured it’s a good place to start.


All I can say is that I am in awe. Even if my knees weren’t shot so that I can’t run at all I would never dream of running a marathon. It’s just not my thing. Swimming across the British Channel?? Now, that’s a challenge which would appeal.
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I’d swim the channel. I have a speedo in my top drawer!


It’s not a myth! Don’t take any chances.

Jeremy Branham

Congrats on the marathon! I just can’t do them. I have tried running and just don’t like it. I do it to stay in shape but can’t keep it up. My brother-in-law runs ultra marathons (100 miles races) about 4 or 5 times a year. That’s crazy! Takes him about 24 hours to complete.
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I get bored after 3 miles. But when you sink $125 into it, you run everyday so you don’t waste your money and not earn the medal! Ultra Marathons are nutty.


I think maybe in a year’s time. That’s a ton of training! Where’s a good place to marathon?


I couldn’t watch the videos because I’m at work, but I feel you’re pain! I did the Wine & Dine Half last year. You’re first race is always the hardest because you’re caught up in the adrenaline psyche around you, but really, your only goal should be to finish.

You didn’t mention if you would do more races, which I hope you do. They get better with experience, and recovery time drops dramatically.



I think I may do more races. It’s TBD right now. I need to let the pain of the half marathon fade away before resuming. Hahaha

The World of Deej

Great tips Ben. I only did the first half of the relay, and loved it. You’re right about pacing…I ran faster and twice as far without stopping than I ever had. And yeah, those port-o-pot lines got crazy! Thankfully, I arrived way early:)
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Hooray! I’m toying with the idea of doing the Full Marathon Relay. Would you do it again?

Donna Flanagin

Ben, I thoroughly enjoyed this video. I can’t believe you carried a camera the entire race. Congratulations, you did magnificent.


Thanks Donna. Carrying a camera was the small sacrifice I made to bring you that academy-award winning film.