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How to get Your Name on a Plaque…in a Bowling Alley

Posted By adventureswithben On August 18, 2010 @ 7:00 am In Awards,Friends & Family,Orlando,Sports | Comments Disabled

Sometimes you can find adventure close to home. In today’s post, every Saturday from 630-900 P.M.

If you’ve followed my semi-regular updates on twitter [2], you know I’m in a weekly bowling league in Orlando. Brian and I joined last summer. We were tired of spending Saturday nights at home, wondering what we should do. Neither of us had bowled before. But with the encouragement of some friends, we tried something new.

And every Saturday we bowl, under the guise of “The Pin Drops”.

At the beginning, my bowling average was a 115. That’s not great. It’s above 100 – which is good, but there’s lots of room for improvement.

In the fall/spring league, the final standings brought my average to a 129. That’s better, but not quite where I should be. But there were some exciting triumphs during the season. The Pin Drops ended up in third place. Not bad for amateur bowlers! It was much better than the summer season. In addition, I participated in a multi-week tournament and ended up in 1st place! And what did I receive? My name on the wall of a bowling alley – forever immortalized for all bowling geeks for years to come.

 How to get Your Name on a Plaque...in a Bowling Alley [3]
 How to get Your Name on a Plaque...in a Bowling Alley [4]
 How to get Your Name on a Plaque...in a Bowling Alley [5]

People will walk by that plaque long after I’m gone and say, “that Ben Reed, he was a good bowler. This plaque proves it.” Okay, so maybe it won’t be exactly like that, but how many of you are hanging on the wall in a bowling alley? Let me have my moment.

And for all you Orlando residents, check out Colonial Lanes [6] to see my plaque. It’s across from the counter!

Last weekend was the final week in summer league. Once again, The Pin Drops finished the year in 3rd place [7]. I received a special award for most improved average – ending with a 147!

 How to get Your Name on a Plaque...in a Bowling Alley

Just a little over a year ago I would have laughed at the idea of joining a bowling league. But now, I can’t wait for the Fall 2010 season, which starts September 11th. I’ve got a few weeks to relax before The Pin Drops seek out a triple win and I challenge myself to improve my average even more.

Do you have any tips to improve your bowling average?

Today’s Lesson: Finding a hobby that will keep you busy each week is an easy and fun way to meet new people, and do something different. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not any good. In the beginning I was lucky if I broke 100. As you know, if you want to get really good at something, you need to practice. So don’t let your inexperience stop you. You never know what may happen as a result? Perhaps someday you’ll be on the wall of a bowling alley!

I’ll see you out there…! Steeee…rike

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