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5 More Tips for Taking Fun, Travel Photographs

Last year I wrote a post sharing 5 Tips for Taking Fun, Travel Photographs. Today’s post offers 5 more tips for taking fun, travel photographs during my trip to Australia.

6. The Jumping Photo

 5 More Tips for Taking Fun, Travel Photographs

The jumping photo was a popular submission on the comments on my last post, so I decided to lead with this one. Find a favorite landmark and have a buddy press the shutter as you soar skyward. You’ll need to take several photos to time the photo just right. But when you do, you’ll have a truly fun picture that anyone will smile at.

7. Strike a Pose

 5 More Tips for Taking Fun, Travel Photographs

Don’t just stand tall and smile in front of the landmark you’re documenting, but invite the viewer into the scene. This pose has become the signature look here at adventureswithben.com.

8. Use a Cut-Out

 5 More Tips for Taking Fun, Travel Photographs

Sure they can sometimes be tacky-touristy, but with an added funny face they can also be fantastic. Bring out your inner child, stick your head through that hole and smile!

9. Shoot from Below

 5 More Tips for Taking Fun, Travel Photographs

Most of the time when we take pictures of ourselves on vacation, the photographer is on the same plain as us. Vary the perspective by having the photographer shoot from below where you are. Find a safe place that’s a few feet above the photographer and have them angle up.

10. The In-the-Middle-of-Eating Shot

 5 More Tips for Taking Fun, Travel Photographs

This one could just be me, but there’s something funny about taking a photo of someone eating. Perhaps it’s the candid-nature of the shot, or the fact that we’re using different facial muscles than we normally do. Whatever it is, it’s fun.

If you’re like me, I take hundreds upon hundreds of photos when I’m on vacation. Family and friends can quickly get tired of seeing the same pose over and over again. So follow these 10 tips to make everyone jealous of the awesome time you had!

What other tips do you have to take fun, travel photographs? Share by commenting.

I’ll see you out there…!


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Ben, I love the jumping tip and strike a pose

Jozef @ Where Now

Haha funny post! My favorite is strike a pose, but in my case its usually a really stupid one! There are countless photos of me pulling stupid poses on rocks from machu picchu, pretty embarrassing when you look back on the haha
Jozef @ Where Now recently posted something special..Pantanal Day 3


Embarrassing perhaps, but definitely awesome! Post ‘em up on Facebook!


haha, too funny! We take all of these.. especially (and like most people recently) the jumping photo… although my heart lies with the cut-out!! We have the best shots from cut-out photo ops from Hong Kong!


Ooooh, do post your Hong Kong shot to the Facebook page!


So brave for the eating shot, usually I look terrible but I still take them since I am eating most of the time.
ayngelina recently posted something special..Coca reveals the real Northern Chile


The eating shot does catch us in one of our most awkward moments, doesn’t it. I like to eat too.


Fun shots – I don’t take enough of these!
robin recently posted something special..K is Beautiful


But you do take great shots Robin. Just a different style.


Love these tips! I’m way too serious when I take pictures. Boring!


Serious pictures are definitely no fun.

jeff noel

Great photo. Great seeing you today. Sorry to be so bizee
jeff noel recently posted something special..Decide


Thanks Jeff. As they say in Australia, “No Worries”.


Jumping Tip is a classic one, Strike a pose is fun too.


Oooh ya, I forgot that one. There’s the Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil and See No Evil Pose too!