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Riding the Lilly Belle on the Disneyland Railroad

 Riding the Lilly Belle on the Disneyland Railroad

Between The Magic Castle and Club 33, my trip to Disneyland was filled with exclusives (and there’s actually one other place I visited that I am sworn to secrecy that I can’t reveal what it is). And today’s post is no exception, but despite it’s exclusivity, the opportunity to experience it is available to everyone.

What is the Disneyland Railroad Lilly Belle Car?

 Riding the Lilly Belle on the Disneyland Railroad

Attached to the end of one of the Disneyland Train C. K. Holiday is a very special passenger car, the Lilly Belle. The Lilly Belle is named after Walt’s wife, Lillian, who also had a hand in decorating the car. What’s so special about the car? To begin, it’s an original car from Disneyland’s opening in 1955. Back then, it wasn’t as lavishly decorated as it is today – that didn’t happen until 1974. After a painstaking restoration, the Lilly Belle emerged as a distinct addition to the Disneyland Railroad to serve VIP’s and other special guests. If you’re lucky enough, you too can ride the Lilly Belle.

How to Ride the Lilly Belle

 Riding the Lilly Belle on the Disneyland Railroad

If you’d like to ride the Lilly Belle on your next trip, here’s what you need to know…

  1. Arrive at the park before it opens and proceed directly to the 2nd floor of the Disneyland Railroad Station.
  2. Wait outside, in line, until you hear the official park opening announcement.
  3. When the Railroad Cast Members arrive, ask who is taking the reservations for the Lilly Belle Car (if it is available).
  4. Arrive early for your scheduled departure time.
You should also remember the following…
  1. The Lilly Belle does not operate everyday, nor is it available all day long. Only a few trips are available each day.
  2. Guests must reserve their ride with a Disneyland Cast Member and must also be escorted in the car with a Cast Member (Club 33 members can ride at anytime, unescorted).
  3. Rides are round-trip from the Main Street Train Station.
  4. The escorting Cast Member will share the history of the car while you travel.

Photos of the Lilly Belle Interior

The Lilly Belle is a beautiful car, if not a bit lavish and (slightly) gaudy. But it’s a period which, which gives it an excuse. Here are a few photos.

Lillian’s favorite color is red and as such, the entire car is decorated in it.

 Riding the Lilly Belle on the Disneyland Railroad

Many of the original pieces are still on display, unprotected, available for all to enjoy.

 Riding the Lilly Belle on the Disneyland Railroad

 Riding the Lilly Belle on the Disneyland Railroad

At the end of the car is a photo of Walt & Lillian

 Riding the Lilly Belle on the Disneyland Railroad

 Riding the Lilly Belle on the Disneyland Railroad

At the conclusion of your trip, passengers are given a ticket, which is then punched – making your trip official. It is similar in design to the original.

 Riding the Lilly Belle on the Disneyland Railroad

Have you ever ridden the Lilly Belle? What did you think? Share by commenting.

I’ll see you out there…!


Bob Frein

I was intrigued after reading this post last week. We were at Disneyland for the half marathon over the weekend. Due to different events, we were never able to make it to the train station at the park opening. On Friday night, we scoped out a location to watch the fireworks and headed for the train station. Upon arriving at the station, we found the benches were roped of and reserved. I chatted up a conductor that was watching the area and he told us the benches were reserved every night whether there were guests or not. He and I began chatting about the Lilly Belle and he explained how to get a ride, pretty much what you described in your post. We then began chatting about other random things, Disney’s employee cell phone policy among others. We shook hand and began to watch the fireworks. Once the fireworks started, he opened up the reserved benches. He walked over and offered my group to sit down, we passed as we had a pretty good viewing area. After the fireworks, he explained why they had to keep the benches reserved until the show (Club 33, VIP) As he was taking down the ropes, he chatted with us and asked if we would be in the park on Saturday, we said no, we would be back on Sunday. He asked us to wait a minute and he would be right back. He came back after about 4 minutes and asked if we would like to ride in the Lilly Belle?? Warning us that it would be warm inside the car. We jumped at the chance. He escorted us down the platform and into the car. He wanted to personally escort us and his supervisor said OK.

We had the entire car to ourselves (5 of us) and thoroughly enjoyed the information that he had shared with us. Took lots of pictures and enjoyed the souvenirs that they give you. I told my friends that this is a once in a lifetime experience.

Thanks again Disney Cast Member who shall remain nameless! :)


I was able to ride this 17 years ago. We werenot escorted. I went to the customer service room near the staion by the restrooms by the firestation. We asked if we could have a ticket and they gave us one to ride anytime we wanted that day. It was great. We also went to the mark twain and knocked on the door on the 2nd floor. They invited us in and we got to ring the bell and got a river boat drivers license.
It was great.


Time changes everything for sure. But it was still great even though we had an escort. I believe club 33 members don’t need one.


Completely jealous. Looks like a classic Pullman car, inside and out. Pretty authentic decorations for the period and class level. Amazing. I’m going to take a guess on #3: Walt’s Apartment. THAT would be cool!
Hey, and when do I get my 33 Club chocolate?!
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I think so, here’s a link from Mouseplanet with some more details. The chocolates are all gone, sorry. You should know better to think that a chocolate fan like I would leave chocolate around. And I’ll never tell on #3. At least publicly.


Somehow, this doesn’t strike me as your kind of place.


Looks so cute! The red color and the beautifully decorated interiors would make for a dreamy ride indeed!
I have never been out of India, but then there is so much to see and do in India itself!!
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The decor was “old-fashioned”, but I felt bad that I would break something since it’s so old. How was Holi?


Ben, I never knew this train existed. Thanks for sharing.


I didn’t either until someone told me about it. So I suppose it’s time you start planning a trip West!