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My Favorite Travel Blogs

 My Favorite Travel Blogs

As I announced recently, I’ll be pausing my regular publishing on this site (though not going away) while I work on some local, Orlando projects. So I thought it fitting to share some of the travel blogs I enjoy reading the most. Yes, I have shared many travel blogs over the years, but these are the one I look forward to reading everyday (and you can find more here). In no particular order…

  • Too Many Adapters – Everything travel tech. Love their gadget reviews, travel hacking and overall take on technology for the traveler.
  • Go, See, Write – One of the best, well-wrtitten blogs on travel. I love Michael’s frankness, depth, opinions and professionalism.
  • Captain and Clark – Just plain fun. This duo is actually traveling around the world delivering letters they picked up in Ecuador. Check out their mission! And their videos are a riot too.
  • Man on the Lam – A blogger with a similar take on the world as I. Love Raymonds humor and perspective on the oddities of travel. Search for his gopher museum post!
  • No Vacation Required – Kent and Canaan travel the world, work remotely and just love life. Unparalleled energy when you meet them in person, and a carpe diem sprit, you just want to hug them when you see them.
  • Breakaway Backpacker – Never one to hold anything back, Jaime has been traveling the world non-stop for almost two years. His stories are always personal, never self-edited and always salacious!
  • Knee How Shanghai – What’s it like living as an Expat in China? Check this out for a curious, funny look at living in Shanghai from Rebecca.
  • Backpack with Brock – Brock is a well-known video blogger who captures amazing moments around the world. He’s also just, plain fun.
  • Gadling – I love Gadling for it’s ongoing coverage of travel-industry news, trends and odd stories. You never know what you’ll find.
  • The Planet D Adventures – For pure adventure travel, this duo explores the world and tries it all.

Who’s your favorite? Share by commenting.

I’ll see you out there…!