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30 Ways to Celebrate Turning 30

 30 Ways to Celebrate Turning 30

November is a special time of year. On the 21st of this month I celebrate my birthday!

Now ordinarily, this is a cause for celebration. But this year, I turn a major milestone: 30. On November 21st this travel blogger and adventurer starts a new chapter in his life. And to be honest, I’m not looking forward to it.

Why I’m Not Looking Forward to Turning 30

To me, turning 30 is the very (very) beginning of the end. Your 20′s are supposed to be fun, carefree, irresponsible and generally the time when you can make mistakes, try again and figure out what direction you want to head towards in life.

Age is just a number, right? But it’s a different number. I can no longer start my age with a “2″, but now must use a “3″. It’s different. Now I’m sure many of you older readers are asking yourselves “what are you complaining about Ben”? And to that, I have no great response. Turning 30 just brings on this dreaded feeling that I can’t make mistakes anymore. I can’t be carefree. I can’t make impulse decisions. I can’t be frivolous. I need to batten down the hatches and become more serious.

I truly don’t know where all this is coming from. I sometimes think it stems from when I was a much younger child. I vividly recall my much older cousins turning 30, and thinking how “old” they were at that time. And now I’m there. I know it’s all nonsense, but there’s still a part of me that wishes I was turning 21.

Sometimes I feel like when you turn 30, you should be shifting focus in your life. You should be…

  • Building your career
  • Focusing on family
  • Solidifying long-term financial goals
  • Going to bed earlier
  • Not making potty jokes anymore
  • Eating better food
  • Wearing less-fashionable clothes
  • Dreading turning 40
  • On the path that you will take the rest of your life (ugh)
  • And the list goes on.

My 20′s were fun. And that’s probably the other reason. I had fun in my 20′s. None of the above sounds like fun. I don’t know what my 30′s have in store for me. It’s the fear of the unknown. Which is why I need your help.

Why I Need Your Help

I’ve written over 500 posts on this blog – all with the intention of changing people’s attitude; To encourage you to discover the world and your neighborhood. But now I need some encouragement.

I want my 30′s to be fun. I want to change my attitude (and others) and show that turning 30 isn’t bad news – but something that should be celebrated. So I’m embarking on what will become a year-long project.

30 ways to celebrate turning 30

I’ve created a special page on this travel blog: 30 ways to celebrate turning 30. And on this page I’m compiling a list of the best ways to celebrate this new milestone. Click on over and give it a visit.  Throughout the year, I”ll be embarking on each of those celebration moments and documenting them here on this blog.

At the bottom you’ll see I’m asking you for input. I’d like to know from you how should I celebrate turning 30? Send me your thoughts and I’ll add it to the list. And if you’ve celebrated it before and have a story to share, I’ll include the link to that story too!

Thank You

Thank you for indulging me on this blog and letting me share a bit of something personal, perhaps somewhat trivial but hopefully, something we’ll all enjoy together.

What words of advice do you have to turning 30? Share by commenting. And please don’t forget to visit my 30 Ways to Celebrate Turning 30 Page and share your ideas on how I should mark this special occasion!

I’ll see you out there…! 



Hi! Happy belated Birthday! I turn the big 3 “O” tomorrow and I was hoping to find some hope and understanding to what I’m feeling I was hoping that everyone I know forgets that I’m having a Birthday ( I really hope they do) and don’t even mention it, but I guess reading some of these comments is already making me feel a bit better…. let’s see what happens.


Happy Birthday to you too Marylu! How did you celebrate?

Travel Club

Ben, Birthday Wishes! very nice post.


Happy Birthday in advance, Ben! Hmmm… i’m turning 25 next year and i remember when i was younger, that was my ideal marrying age! Now, i find that idea abit ridiculous lol. Do what makes you happy :)

Have you been to the Philippines? If not yet, you should celebrate your 30th here hehe :D What about tryto learn a new type of dance? Hehe have a good one! :)
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I’ve never been to the Philippines. Someday!


Happy Birthday in advance Ben. The 30′s ain’t so bad. You will find that it is a good age to be since you are more self-aware. You get to know yourself a LOT more and feel confident about decisions in life especially the major one. If you don’t have this on your list yet perhaps there is room for volunteering or instead of accepting gifts encourage a donation to your favorite charity.
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Caanan @ No Vacation Required

> To me, turning 30 is the very (very) beginning of the end.

I am half tempted to jump on a flight to Orlando so that I can drive to your house and slap you. I would follow it with a sincere hug and happy birthday. But I would definitely slap you first. :)
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I’ll say whatever if it will get you to Orlando :-)


Life isn’t scripted. Yours may take the directions you mention or it may not. keep enjoying it, it doesn’t last forever. I turned forty recently and am having a better time now than when I was thirty.
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The World of Deej

I hit this milestone last year, and while I dreaded it for a while (for pretty much the same reasons you list) it hasn’t been all that bad.

I know you were just in Vegas, so I won’t suggest that as a way to celebrate. Instead, do what I’m doing this weekend…Drink around the World at Epcot:)
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I have always wanted to drink around the world, but it’s tough to justify renting the room at The Boardwalk I’d need afterwards!

RoriTravel's Florida

First, spend your 30′s proving that whole idea wrong – you can have fun! My 30′s were about getting married and tuning into that part of life, but they were not boring. But here is the good news; no matter how you spend your 30′s, when you hit the 40′s it is the start of that time of life when you stop caring about A) what others think about how you act, look, etc. 2) See that life is too short so you must enjoy the journey. 3) Realize that body functions now equal sounds that grow louder and isn’t that fun to deal with – so laugh at yourself – loudly! Maybe no one will hear! 4.) Start telling stories about when you were young. 5.) Discover that 50, 60 and 70 have nothing to do with being old, you know, what with you closing in on them and 6.) That your 30′s were a freaking awesome age, so why did you waste them worrying about being “30″! Have fun, Happy Birthday my much younger friend, and do what you do every day – Live life to the fullest, smile and have fun! Now where is my freaking Birthday Cake!
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I make noises already and am proud of them!

John in France

Ben, it only gets better – don’t change the way you are living your life! I remember I felt the same way as you. For my 30th birthday my wife arranged a surprise party – hired a large boat and took 60 friends for a cruise and dinner in Wellington Harbour in NZ. I knew nothing about it until I stepped on the boat! Maybe I should talk to your partner about what you do on the day!!!
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Ha, if you could arrange for a private boat rental in NZ I would be forever grateful!

Debbie Beardsley @ European Travelista

Oh no worries on turning 30! You will feel exactly the same on the 22nd. Who says you have to become this uber responsible person when you turn 30? I’m in my 50′s and still make mistakes and am trying to figure out what is next in this grand journey. So go out and embrace all that 30 offers! Make 30 you :)
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HAHAHAHAHA! I’m sorry but I *totally* remember feeling that dread, the feeling that life. was. over. Everyone in their 30′s told me how GREAT it was. They were not to be believed – I mean, what else were they supposed to say?? Those fools were STUCK in their 30-hood!

Turns out 30′s is awesome. Old enough to know better but young enough to go ahead and give it an educated/mature try. More money, more self confidence, and giving a rats @$$ what people think of you. I finally found my voice [which I'm sure my friends/family wish I would lose] and learned how to use it. I loved my 30′s. I embrace that decade. It was very good to me and I know that it’ll be so good to you!!! Happy early Birthday!!!
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I think you’re right in that you can enjoy things a bit more because you have some more money to do it. Thanks for the birthday wishes.



Early Birthday Wishes!

Turning thirty isn’t as bad as what it used to be, or maybe that’s just how I approached it. I turned 30 a couple of years ago and sometimes I feel like I’m back in my late teenage years (although slightly more mature).


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Annie - FootTracker

To me, a guy turning to 30 is just at the beginning of the journey of his “man hood.” 30 something is actually the golden ages for guys, so you are still good XDD

I think you should celebrate being 30 with wine and cheese tasting session during the day, then a huge wild party at night ^_^ showing you can still have both sides of the world just fine.
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Golden Age? I haven’t been told that in a long time! But I like your idea. I could live off of wine and cheese.