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How to Create a Travel-Themed Christmas Tree

 How to Create a Travel Themed Christmas Tree

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. I love the music, the lights, the spirit and decorating the house! Each time I travel I am always on the lookout for small items I can place on my Travel-Themed Christmas Tree. My tree topper is a Zulu Wire Bowl from South Africa. Draped around the tree are Beads from Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, and sprinkled throughout are tokens from around the globe. Here’s how you can make your own travel-themed tree!

Dedicated Christmas Ornaments

 How to Create a Travel Themed Christmas Tree

The easiest ornament to find is the dedicated-Christmas Ornament. When you’re doing your shopping in town, search for a Christmas Store, Card Shop or Craft Market. With some patience, you’re bound to find something Christmas-y. No luck? Then try many of these other options…

Bottle Caps

 How to Create a Travel Themed Christmas Tree

Bottle caps make great ornaments. They are easy-to-pack, easy-to-find and have fantastic, colorful designs. Virtually every country has their own, signature brew. Take a few caps home and tape fishing wire to the back to hang it on your tree.

Leftover Currency

Forget to spend all your foreign currency? Looking for something to do with that paper note you discovered at the bottom of your suitcase? Leftover currency makes a colorful and unique display piece.Pierce the bill with a hook and prominently display! This 10 Malaysian Ringgit note isn’t worth a whole lot in U.S. Currency… but my 20 Australian Dollar Bill is for sure, the most expensive piece on my tree.

 How to Create a Travel Themed Christmas Tree

Dangling Thingies

Many countries sell things that dangle: keychains, bookmarks, cellphone accessories, or in this case, a Japanese Paper Charm and a Turkish Blue Eye. Keep an eye out for anything with a string loop and slide over a sturdy branch!

 How to Create a Travel Themed Christmas Tree


 How to Create a Travel Themed Christmas Tree

Boarding Passes

 How to Create a Travel Themed Christmas Tree

Boarding Passes are like couch money. After awhile, they accumulate and you find them all over the place. Instead of trashing them, you can hang them ( a la currency) or staple them together, twist them into a cone, and place them onto the top of your tree!

Tacky-Tourist Curious

While some souvenirs aren’t truly designed to be hanged, it doesn’t mean you can’t place them on the tree! Tape a hook onto the back and find the perfect spot. The tackier the souvenir, the better. So grab a mini-boomerang, pissing boy statue or an infamous mini-Eiffel Tower!

 How to Create a Travel Themed Christmas Tree

 How to Create a Travel Themed Christmas Tree

Find Whatever You Can 

 How to Create a Travel Themed Christmas Tree

Let your imagination run wild! Don’t be limited by what I’ve shared here. Be on the lookout for anything small (like hotel room keys)! Grab a glue gun, tape, some hooks and decorate away! I somehow managed to turn this car sticker accessory into a shiny ornament.

Celebrate Your Travel Memories

Each year when I decorate my Christmas Tree, I am reminded of many years worth of adventures. As I hang each ornament, I can’t help but remember the story of each destination they came from and who I shared it with.

And if you’re going to have a travel-themed Christmas Tree, you might as well have some travel gifts underneath it! Check out this year’s picks for the traveler in your family.

Do you have a Travel-Themed Christmas Tree or Special Travel Ornaments? Share by Commenting.

I’ll see you out there…!



The tree gets better every year!


Give them away as Christmas Ornaments.


Cute idea for a traveling tree. What about using the boarding passes along the bottom as a tree skirt?
Jillian recently posted something special..Photo: Petra’s Siq


Perhaps I’ll do that next year. Great idea.

John in France

I love the idea of using hotel keys as decorations!! I’m sure the hotels will be thrilled that you are getting so much enjoyment out of them!!!!
John in France recently posted something special..The Louvre – Forbidden Love


I think they could decorate their lobby tree with them.


What a brilliant idea. So far I use boaring cards as book marks, now I know what else to do with them.
inka recently posted something special..The beautiful melancholy of winter

Caanan @ No Vacation Required

Cute Ben. Although I think the real travel related christmas tree is the one you can’t put up because you are on the road! :)
Caanan @ No Vacation Required recently posted something special..Crawling Home


Oh, I have a pocket Christmas Tree I can take with me anywhere!

Jan Ross

So funny – after reading a post about Christmas tree ornaments on another blog, I was planning to do this today. I have ornaments from all over the world on my tree!
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