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8 Holiday Gift Ideas For Travelers and a Bunch More

 8 Holiday Gift Ideas For Travelers and a Bunch More

Last year’s post on 8 last-minute holiday gift ideas for travelers was quite popular, so I thought I’d share my picks for 2011. I’ve arranged them according to cost. Items marked with an asterisk were provided to me at no charge to review on this blog. Need some gift ideas for the traveler in your family? Look no more.

Monster Outlets to Go Power Strip

 8 Holiday Gift Ideas For Travelers and a Bunch More

Airports and hotels never have enough plugs to charge your electronics. Isn’t it frustrating searching the terminal for the lone outlet, only to find that someone else has already snagged it? The Outlets to Go Power Strip provides four outlets in a mini-strip. Worry no more about never having a place to charge your phone and become a hero with your fellow travelers. A great stocking stuffer and it’s on my list this year! Available online at MonsterCable. Priced at $24.95.

Board Games

 8 Holiday Gift Ideas For Travelers and a Bunch More

Board games are great gifts for anyone. And I know that when I’m not traveling, I’m saving money to travel again soon. Game night is a great way to do that, as long as the games don’t suck (because many we grew up with do). Check out 11 Great Board Games to Play In-Between Traveling for suggestions on games that rock. Available online. Prices for really great games range from $20-$40.

Clever Travel Companion

 8 Holiday Gift Ideas For Travelers and a Bunch More

Worried about pickpockets stealing your passport, money or ID? Then stuff them in underwear with secret, zippered pockets. Need more detail? Read the full review of the Clever Travel CompanionAvailable for men and women at CleverTravelCompanion. Prices start at $29.90*.





Vibram FiveFingers Shoes

 8 Holiday Gift Ideas For Travelers and a Bunch More

Vibram FiveFingers are those funny feet shoes that you’ve seen people walk around in. They are comfortable, lightweight and machine washable. For the full report, read 5 Reasons why Vibram FiveFingers are Great for Travelers. They cost around $100. I’d suggest trying on a pair in your local store before ordering online – just so you get the feel of them. They are sized in European sizes. Available at VibramFiveFingers.com. Prices range from $80-$100.

P^Cubed Travel Pants

 8 Holiday Gift Ideas For Travelers and a Bunch More

If you’ve got a few extra dollars in your holiday budget this year, you may want to try out the P^Cubed Travel Pants. With 9 pockets, secured by zippers, buttons and snaps, thieves will have a really hard time lifting your valuables. For more detail, read my review of these pick-pocket prof pantsAvailable at ClothingArts. Prices start at $74.95.

Barnes & Noble Nook
 8 Holiday Gift Ideas For Travelers and a Bunch More

Many travelers drool over the ipad, but I’ve yet to get one. My laptop and iphone are perfect for what the ipad would accomplish – except reading books. I received a Nook last year and have ready more books in the past year than I did in the past five years combined! While I’ve never tried the Amazon Kindle, I’m a fan of my nook. It’s lightweight, has a great battery, is easy to use and even easier to read. It fits nicely in my backpack starts up quick. The basic model is an easily affordable $99 and makes a great surprise gift. Available at Barnes and Noble. The basic model starts at $99.

iPhone 4S

 8 Holiday Gift Ideas For Travelers and a Bunch More

I love my iPhone 4S. It’s a fantastic tool and incredibly helpful for travelers. It’s probably one of the best investments I’ve made in a long time. In addition to making calls and surfing the internet a breeze, the functionalities available to travel are limitless. I load my boarding pass on the phone, use the GPS to get directions, make reservations at local restaurants, play games in the terminal, zone out to music on the plane, check my flight status, scroll through subway maps and of course, post my whereabouts on Facebook. The features only get better. The traveler in your family won’t be disappointed. Available at Apple. Prices for the basic model with a two-year contract start at $199.

Monster Studio Beats by Dr. Dre

 8 Holiday Gift Ideas For Travelers and a Bunch More

When it comes to quality, noise canceling headphones, Bose reigns supreme with their Quiet Comfort 15′s. But the Monster Studio Beats by Dr. Dre provide an excellent alternative. I just got a pair for my birthday and love ‘em. While the noise canceling feature isn’t as quiet as the QC 15, the sound quality and fashionable look more than make up for it. I’d rock out with them all day if I could. They come with a carry case and cloth. I wouldn’t suggest them for the budget backpacker, as they do add some bulk to your pack, but for the casual or business traveler, you’ll be H-O-T.  Available at BeatsbyDre. Priced at $349.95

Holiday Gift Ideas from Other Travel Bloggers

In addition to the list above, there have been a few other posts from Travel Bloggers with their suggested holiday wish list. Be sure to check them out too!

What other recommendations do you have for a travel-themed wish list? Share by commenting.

I’ll see you out there…!



Ah, but would you run around wearing toe shoes in the underwear?

Emme Rogers

This is awesome. Thinking of just directing Santa to your post, although I don’t think the travelers underwear plays quite so nicely for us gals.
Emme Rogers recently posted something special..Legacy of the Red Boots

Scott R

The Beats headphones are good but I’d imagine they’d be a theft risk when traveling. Best to go with a cheaper model


Great point. But at the same time, I think my iphone, laptop and nook are equally as attractive. I wouldn’t bring the beats on a backpacking trip due to their size & weight, and certainly wouldn’t wear them around town. But for a plane ride on a quick holiday or business trip, they’re perfect for me! Do you have a cheaper model that you’d suggest?

Annie - FootTracker

I will also recommend portable external hard drive for people who has been known to take photographs XD. I definitely lined up on Black Friday for those..

Barnes and Noble Book was also a popular item at Black Friday Sales! Good suggestions.
Annie – FootTracker recently posted something special..Tokyo Winter (1) Dessert Hunting @Shinjuku – Isetan


Maybe if you’re nice, Santa will bring you one.

Debbie Beardsley @ European Travelista

Thanks for the ideas, I needed some inspiration! We love to play games too but usually stick to the mindless sort :) Rummi cube is one of our favorites as is Farkle (dice and very mindless). Cards are a must.
Debbie Beardsley @ European Travelista recently posted something special..My Travel ABC’s


I’ve never heard of either. Interesting!

Jan Ross

Great ideas! Once you get an iPad though, you will wonder why in the world you have been carrying around that laptop all this time!! It’s the best item I have ever bought for travel and I use it daily at home as well.
Jan Ross recently posted something special..Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita – Paradise in Riviera Maya, Mexico


The ipad is magic, but it’s not great for downloading photos, which I prefer to archive when I travel.