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Why I Love the In-Flight Map

 Why I Love the In Flight Map

I’m fascinated by in-flight maps. I love them. To me, they represent the realism of travel. I take a picture of them on every flight.

When most of us look at our world. We see it through flat maps and round globes. Growing up, I use to dream of jetting across continents. I never thought that it would actually happen.

 Why I Love the In Flight Map

So now, when those dreams are coming true, I always take a picture. I want to remember the moment, when fantasy became reality. It’s one of the small ways I still retain that childlike wonder in me.

What do you think of in-flight maps? Share by commenting.

I’ll see you out there…!


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David @ Malaysia Asia

I used to be so fascinated with the inflight maps back in the day especially when the plane was landing or taking off. These days, I hardly look at it. But budget airlines don’t even have it! lol.
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Curse those budget airlines. They take away all of the fun!


Nope, not a first class thing. It’s offered on flights that have TV’s. Delta and United have a bunch of them. Funny you mention the maps, that’s tomorrow’s post! And I’m with you, I could read them forever too.


i love staring at the distance as it closes in on my destination! It’s always my measure of how much further I have before being on my adventure!
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I love seeing the names of new, foreign cities pop-up as we get closer.


I love seeing the names of new, foreign cities pop-up as we get closer.


I love cameras on the front too – especially during landing.

Annie - FootTracker

lol, I like the inflight map because I can see if I am almost there yet to my destination so I can get out of my airplane XD

Oh, and Japanese flights even has the camera where you can see what outside the airplane live. That is also addictive since I am always curious and hoping I see a bird or alien mid-flight.
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Have you found either? What about a Gremlin? That was an old Twilight Zone Episode.

Caanan @ No Vacation Required

The in-flight map is our nemesis! We remove our watches and try to “go into the fog” so that we don’t obsess over how much longer we have to go. The in-flight map is a constant reminder fo exactly how much further you’ve got.
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Sleeping Pills my friend. That’s my secret.